Regional Road System

with stable, long-term funding

CMTA supports improving the interregional connectivity of Central Minnesota's surface transportation system through the through maintenance and expansion of our roads and bridges for the long term economic viability of the region.


NorthStar Commuter

Rail service to St. Cloud

CMTA supports the completion of the original intent of Northstar running from St. Cloud to Minneapolis and believes this is an important project to the future growth of Central Minnesota.  With the delay of "Phase II", CMTA supports expansion of existing service to increase convenience and expand ridership.


Regional Airport

investment in St. Cloud

CMTA supports the development of a Tri-County Airport Authority. A Tri-County Authority will showcase the regions support of the airport and work in concert to entice a new scheduled air service carrier to the St. Cloud Regional Airport.


At a Glance

The Central Minnesota Transportation Alliance (CMTA) is an organization comprised of private-sector business interests working in partnership with local governments and public-sector organizations to advocate for a high-quality, efficient surface and air transportation system that will accommodate growing travel demands, foster economic development and enhance the quality of life in the GROWING St. Cloud Metropolitan Region.

The top priorities of CMTA are to entice a new scheduled air service at the St. Cloud Regional Airport, secure stable long-term funding for our regional road system, secure expansion of the NorthStar Commuter rail line to St. Cloud, and reduce project development time. Building a strong CMTA membership base in this region is key to achieving our priorities.

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in their own words

"We need to deliver on Minnesota's transportation needs and provide transportation choices. We need to preserve our existing roads and highways."
Doug Weiszhaar, WSB & Associates, Inc.